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Please feel free to email us your event or party photos, we my even use some for our blog, website or app.

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  Hi everyone, and welcome to our galleries. Here is a chance to see what we do rather than read endless blah blah blah..we're so great! Here we'll show you we're great! Now we don't have all the best of photos, because it's hard to take pictures when we're working, but now we have these lovely galleries, we'll make an effort to take more. Especially as we have the talented Emma Cheer (Emma Cheer Photography) at some of our events. She takes fab pics, and if you would like her to take photos at your party, just ask us, or contact her through her website - 


 If you have great pictures of your event you would like to put on here email them to us. We'd love to see them. We will not put any personal details on pictures.


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