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Gladiator Duel Details


Gladiators Duel


Recreate the classic game made famous by the TV programme of the same name.  Players  stand, on a soft padded raised podium  and try to knock each other off using the foam filled bashers to become king of the Gladiators.  Comes with 2 Basher sticks, 4 head protectors and 20 x17 inflatable base. Can be used indoors. Suitable for both adults and kids 7 years and up.

The inflatable base is 20ft x17ft. You will need a safe area of approx. 5ft around it to allow users to get on and off safely- so no low fences/railings, trees, walls etc, or people standing close to the unit. The base is plenty big enough to catch people when they fall or jump off the podiums, but because they move around on this one a lot, the more space the better.

Users can play best of three, and you can have winner stays on for a prize if you wish. We provide you with instructions and rules with the units to assist you to use it.

You need a referee/assistants to facilitate the players and bouts.

Pole Joust

Also known as pillow fight or knock 'em off.  Players sit astride a padded pole and try to know their opponent off using a foam basher and shield. This is the same base as for the gladiators so you hire one or the other. This version is better for more restricted spaces/roof heights, but is equally tricky and fun.


Pole Joust

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