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Children's Parties

Pick the best option for you.

Fun For All Ages

We have a great choice of entertainment for parties and we can provide all the entertainment, or just for part of it, whichever you want!

Options for activities include bouncy castles, face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon modelling, party games, and circus skills. 

You can choose one of our standard parties, or make up your own. We have different options suitable for different age groups and venues.

Prices and packages are based on two hour parties. Please let us know if you want entertainment for a different length of time.

Party Boys

Party Boys - Emma Cheer Photography

Activities to have at parties

Firstly we recommend a castle as it will keep them occupied especially young ones who won't concentrate on organised activities for long.

To go along with a castle and give the children different options our fun and colourful sideshows are face painting, temporary tattoos, balloon modelling.

For ages 5 and up, circus skills can be a fun activity but may be short lived as they'll want to have fun on the castle and run about. We suggest having circus skills at parties where the castle will only be on for part of the time, or with two leaders where both leaders can provide ongoing activities and children can participate as they wish.




Standard Party

A popular party for all age groups with party leader- (Up to 25 kids approx)

  • Bouncy Castle - keeps them occupied, and they can let off steam
  • Face painting/Temporary Tattoos or Balloon Modelling
  • (Break in the middle for food)
  • (Happy Birthday/ Cake)
  • Short party prize game session or Balloon Swords
  • Castle up and continue activity until end.

Requires Bouncy Castle and one Party Leader. Party Leader assists with organising children and singing Happy Birthday etc.

3   Simple party

  • Bouncy Castle/s
  • Face Painter or Balloon Modeller

We can do about 30 kids with this party. A face painter will take glitter tattoos as well, but if numbers are over 20, children are restricted to one or the other. Similarly, a balloon modeller may do simple swords for the children to play with, and one more elaborate model for them to keep- numbers permitting. This can be discussed and agreed on beforehand.



Large Party

For larger groups or more activities

  • Bouncy castle
  • Choose 2 activities: Face Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Balloon Modelling,  Circus Skills
  • (Break in the middle for food) Castle down.
  • (Happy Birthday/Cake)
  • Short party prize game session
  • Castle up and resume activities until end.

Requires bouncy castle and two party leaders. Depending on numbers or other factors, you may be able to choose more than two activities.

Two (or more) party leaders are a great option where you have high numbers that one person could not mange in the allotted time. (It takes a face painter roughly 1 hour to do 12-15 kids) Two leaders are also great when you want to be sure that every guest has a choice of activities.

These parties are great for young children as there is plenty for them to do, but are popular with older kids too, and are perfect when there is a mix of ages, (because even adults like our fun stuff).

Option 2 is ideal for larger groups, and corporate, school and group parties though you might want to have two or more bouncy castles, if the group is likely to be really big or boisterous.

Depending on numbers, we will agree with you beforehand how many options children get. However, at parties we expect to be busy for the duration and will adapt to the circumstances on the day to the interests of the children, as we recognise that each group of children are individual.

Other Examples Of Our Party Packagescolored-blocks_03


Parties for 5 Years and Up 

Themed Parties

We cater for themes, and it's fairly easy to adapt standard party activities to any theme. We often do pirate, princess, superhero, space, circus and jungle parties. We do not charge more for this unless you require extras such as pinatas, balloons, arts and crafts or decorations etc.

If you want something more elaborate or different you will be happy to know we a currently compiling brand new parties with these and/or other activities. We have options for every budget you can have one activity or lots of activities. We will help you put your party together to suit your needs, and we can advise you on the best options for your circumstances. If you want us to provide prizes, a pinata, decorations, or do arts and crafts, or are interested in finding out about our new parties, please contact us for  more information.


Entertainment for all the family.


Babies and Toddlers

We have our Kiddie Cube/Ball Pit for young children, and a party leader can play parachute games and introduce the children to some cute furry puppets. The GREAT NEWS is that we are getting an inflatable infant play area with ball pit, mats and soft play shapes. If you would be interested in booking it please contact us for details.

  • Small bouncy castle
  • Ball pit
  • Soft play shapes
  • Parachute games, sing songs

Entertainment for all the family.

20070813_0152For younger children, a mix of several activities, e.g. songs, movement, games, parachute, puppets and stories work best. Games sessions will be be short and simple. Please contact us for more information. 

We are also happy to provide parties for people with special needs of all abilities and ages. Tell us about your requirements and we can tell you write a party specific to your requirements.IMG_3948


Other Party Options

  • Small Parties- 12 children or less- small groups can have more activities.
  • More games- we do this with school aged children and two leaders. We can play prize games, parachute games and just fun games.
  • Arts and crafts- we can incorporate arts and crafts into parties.
  • No castle- you can just hire a Face Painter or Balloon Modeller along with other entertainment that you provide. If you need a Magician or DJ we can help you find one.




Entertainment for all the family.


Additional Notes

Many parties can be provided by one party leader, however, two or more leaders may be required at parties with larger child numbers, elaborate themes, multiple activities, or specialised ages & needs.

Note that face painting and balloon modelling take time. A face painter can expect to do around 12 faces in an hour. The length of time balloons take depends on the complexity, so we generally keep to simple things to ensure all the children get balloons.

We are most commonly at parties for two hours, but can be hired for one hour, or more than two. We can work with small groups, and find things to do in small spaces, or outdoors, in a tent.. you name it, we have probably done it!

Parties cost different amounts depending on what castle you hire and what party option you choose. You can hire a castle alone for as little as £55, or party entertainment for two hours for £80. Parties with castles start at £110. A party with the combo castle and entertainment is £140. Contact us for more options and prices. Remember there may be a diesel charge if you are outside our free delivery zone.

Come On Parents- Join In!

We welcome parents participating in our parties. Firstly, it's important that you watch your children on the castle for their safety, but let's face it, you're there, you may as well enjoy yourself! If we are teaching circus skills, join in and learn with your child. We are happy to paint your face (when the kids are done). Parents can be a great help at keeping party games running smoothly, and the children will have a better experience. You will enjoy parachute games and the kids love playing with adults. Come on – relive your childhood!

For party activities for teenagers and adults go to Corporate and Events

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Entertainment for all the family.

Inflatable Hire Details

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