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Hiring People

For parties and events contact us for advice and booking. Prices vary depending on event. Generally speaking, for most events, we charge per member of staff, per hour. We charge more per hour for one hour sessions, and prices can be negotiated for longer, continuous or numerous sessions booked at once.



We have a small amount of circus equipment for sale. If we are doing a workshop at your event/school etc and you would like to buy equipment, or let people now they can buy on the day, tell us beforehand and we'll send you price lists and take equipment along. If your group would like to buy equipment we can sell you a bulk order and help you choose your best options.



Medium slide 20 ft long, 10 ft wide, 14 ft high. Jungle theme. Suitable for ages up to 10 years.

Medium slide


Inflatable Hire

You can hire our castles and inflatables individually or as part of an entertainment package. To hire a castle, have a look at our range on the inflatables page and decide what would suit your event/venue. Then either fill out an online form, email or phone us to book. If you need help to choose, we are happy to help you find the right unit. We need to know when, where and what time the event is to be held. Once in the book we ask you to contact us a few days before your event to reconfirm that you are still going ahead as planned.    

Inflatable Hire Details

All hires are delivered and set up and collected by us.

Units are suitable for indoor and outdoor hire.

Our inflatables come in a variety of sizes and prices. You can choose day hire or overnight hire or longer hire by arrangement.

Day hire- for a mutually suitable time between 9am-8pm

Overnight- Ideal for an event that runs later than 8pm. Delivered and collected at a mutually suitable time.

We may consider longer hires depending on each situation. Please let us know what you require.

Please note the size restrictions on castles. Children's castles are designed for small users and are unsafe for adults. You will be charged for any damage caused by inappropriate use.

Units must be signed for by a responsible adult and users must be supervised for safety. We can supervise units if required, for a small hourly rate.

Castles must be paid for on delivery (if not prior).

Picking a suitable castle for your venue.

If the castle is going in your garden, you need to consider these things:

Is there enough space for it? The size of the castle is the bouncing area. Under the pictures there is also an indication of the entire space required to accommodate the step, blower and mats.

Is there suitable ground? Grass is the best, and it has to be flat,clear of stones, and reasonably drained. Boggy, water-logged soil is not suitable. Steep slopes are unsuitable. Hard surfaces such as concrete can be used if it is level, clean and clear of stones and debris. We will use with a tarpaulin to protect the unit. Gravel is not suitable unfortunately.

Is your garden safe? Are there low fences/walls which could be dangerous if someone fell onto them? Are there tree branches, water features, steps and other hazards which may make erecting a castle difficult or even dangerous?

Is the access to your garden easy? Castles can be 3ft wide when rolled, and are heavy. We need to know if there are steps, narrow paths, immovable objects blocking our entry. We may need two delivery people, or a different unit to assure access. 

Please let us know what type of garden/space you have as we will refuse to leave a castle in an unsuitable place. If your garden is not ideal, ask us about it as with prior discussion and agreement we can overcome many issues and find you a suitable option.You can send us a picture of your garden if it helps.

Please clear all access routes prior to our arrival. Clear up animal mess- we will not leave units on dirty ground- and ensure the ground is clear of rubbish and other hazards. We really appreciate your help as we are often under pressure to deliver everyone's units for their events and want your day to go smoothly.

If the castle is going in a hall/venue you need to consider these things:

Is the hall big enough? The size of the castle is the bouncing area. Under the pictures there is also an indication of the entire space required to accommodate the step, blower and mats, as well as the rough height of the unit. It can be hard to estimate the height of a ceiling, but in an average hall, if the roof is low, it will be particularly obvious. We have options for low roofs and small spaces.On the delivery page we have a list of some of the halls/venues we have used and if this doesn't help, just ask us and we'll work it out together.

Is there easy access to the hall? We want to know if there are steps or objects to be negotiated for entry. Think about our best point of access to the space and where you plan to put the unit n the space. If there is a huge flight of stairs we will need to use a lift or a small unit.

Is there easy parking near the hall door? 

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Do you want us to man our castles and charge at your event?

Some public events prefer to have us man the castles and make a donation to your event. We can offer this option on certain events and if this is your preferred choice please contact us to discuss. We can provide our other activities too, to make up a family entertainment area.

Medium Slide and 12x12Bouncy Castles

Look at these lovely bouncy castles ready for fun at a festival. They can't wait for you to phone and book them!

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Sumo WrestlingSumo Wrestling

We have sumo wresting outfits for adults and for kids. Suitable for indoors and outside. Here is an aunt and niece having a battle. How would you sort out a stroppy teenager?

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GladsMontroseGladiator Duel

We have a gladiator duel/pole joust perfect for events, galas, fun days, etc. Suitable for ages approximately 7 years upwards. Kept these rugby lads amused.

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DSC_0133Assault Course

Our assault course is great for kids aged up to around 12 years

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